Welcome to Kufuf, where craftsmanship meets storytelling, and tradition intertwines with contemporary artistry. At Kufuf, we go beyond creating rugs; we weave narratives, preserving the rich heritage of handwoven kilims.

  • Cushions

    Unique cushion designs are appropriately sized and coloured to fit your furniture... 

  • Rugs

    Handwoven Kilim Rugs, made of Egyptian cotton or natural wool, flat-woven on... 

  • Poufs

    Original pouffe designs perfectly in size and colours to match your space... 

  • Wall Art

    For hanging or decorating your home, workplace, or garden, choose from a... 

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KUFUF® is rooted in the ancient craft of kilim making, where each thread tells a tale of generations past. The name KUFUF® finds its origin in the essential tool (Kaf), a symbol of the skilled hands that bring our masterpieces to life. More than a tool, the "Kaf" is a rhythmic heartbeat, resonating with the legacy of kilim crafting.

Our Journey

Our artisans are not just creators; they are custodians of tradition, breathing life into each rug with meticulous skill and unwavering passion. KUFUF® is a celebration of the artistry intrinsic to handwoven kilims, bridging the gap between ancient techniques and contemporary aesthetics.

All our pieces are customisable: you can change the colours and the sizes of each piece: whether cushion, pouf, handbag or rug. Let them fit with your interior design and furniture.
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