About KUFUF ®

At the heart of KUFUF® is a spirit of collaboration, mirroring the communal essence found in the plural form (Kufuf). This brand is a tribute to the collective craftsmanship and the tools that shape our kilims, embodying
the essence of unity and heritage. KUFUF® rugs have the power to transform spaces into canvases of stories.

Every pattern, every color, narrates a unique journey, inviting you to embark on a sensory exploration of heritage and artistry. Our commitment is to bring the warmth of tradition and the vibrancy of contemporary design into your space.

Our Story.

Our company was founded by Iman Shihab, a talented artist and engineer, in 2017. Driven by her love of the fine arts and a desire to push creative boundaries, she studied typography and calligraphy and used these skills to create unique composite designs. These designs breathed new life into the kilim industry, combining traditional techniques with contemporary flair.
In 2018, we launched our brand and first collection of kilim art products, which have already garnered a strong following among individual homeowners and corporate clients.
Our products are not only beautiful additions to any modern decor but also serve a higher purpose — to give back to talented makers and their communities through development and cultural support.

Our Artisans.

What began as a mere sketch on paper is transformed into an extraordinary creation, expertly crafted by the esteemed weavers of Fuwwah in Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt, their handiwork carrying echoes of centuries-old tradition.
The result is a work of art, a piece that will elevate the value and artistic dimensions of any space.
At our studio, we specialise in designing, customising, and handcrafting products of beauty, using only the finest Egyptian cotton and wool. These one-of-a-kind pieces are perfect for modern interiors and decorations, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.
Our collection of original handcrafted products is truly diverse, featuring wool carpets, cotton rugs, cushions, table placemats, pouffes, folding chairs, and lady's handbags. We have honed our production processes to deliver KILIM products that are suitable for a wide range of settings, including homes, offices, hotels, and personal use.

Meet Iman Shihab.

In the heart of Kufuf, there exists a soul—a wanderer named Iman Shehab, whose spirit weaves through the intricate threads of tradition and innovation. Iman is not just a designer; she is a contemplator, an observer, an artist capturing the poetry of life's moments, and a lover of compositions that resonate with the rhythms of the world. Iman's journey is a tapestry of cultures, each encounter a stroke in the canvas of her artistic expression. From the bustling markets of Marrakech to the serene landscapes of Kyoto, Iman's wanderlust is a testament to her love for cultural diversity. She doesn't merely collect memories; she gathers inspiration, infusing each thread with the essence of the places she's touched.

Iman stands as a guardian of traditions, a silent observer of the craftsmanship that echoes through generations. In the narrow alleyways of heritage, she contemplates the intricate knots of kilims and the stories they tell. Her contemplation is not passive; it's an active engagement with the soul of traditions, breathing new life into ancient artistry.

Handwoven Quality Materials

Experience the revival of ancient handmade kilim that has a modern, practical twist! Our kilim not only serves everyday purposes, but also conveys messages and expresses emotions. We've teamed up with expert weavers to bring you kilim with a fresh perspective that you'll use every day.
Transform your space with our original designs that are born from authentic patterns, abstract color schemes, and traditional Egyptian handcrafting techniques. We only use top-quality cotton and wool materials to create pieces that truly nourish your space.

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